Peace, Justice and Violence

Friday, 16. October 2009 | 10:20 Uhr


Pierre Allan


University Geneva

Pierre Allan

Prof. Dr. Pierre Allan graduated in Economic Sciences in 1974 (prize “La Suisse”) from the Faculty of Business (HEC) of the University of Lausanne. In 1975, he graduated in Sociology from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lausanne. In the year 1980, he obtained his PhD in Political Sciences from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IUHEI) of the University of Geneva.
After assisting the National Fund for Scientific Research in Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich (1973-1980), he was researcher at IUHEI (1980-1983), lecturer at the Universities of Geneva (associate, 1980-81) and Zurich and well as at the ETH Zurich (1981-1983), private lecturer at the University of Lausanne (1982-1983), Visiting Assistant Professor at the Universities of California, Berkeley (1983) Stanford (1984) and George A. Miller; and Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Illinois (1983-1984). IUHEI (1985-1986), the University of Economics, Prague, and the University of Prague (1993) as well as the University of Fribourg (2001) invited him to teach courses. From 1993 to 1994, he was Visiting Professor and Visiting Research Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
At the University of Geneva, he was chairman of the Social Science Department (1986-89), director of the Political Science Department (1992-1995), chairman of the Professors’ Association of the University of Geneva (APUG) (1995-97) and writer of the APUG Bulletin.

On the international level:
Member of the Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association (1988-94)
Chairman of the Swiss Association of Political Science (1990-93)
Member of the Executive Committee of the European Consortium for Political Research (1994-2000) where he was head of the Research Board and organized ECPR Joint Research Sessions in Uppsala (1994), Tromsø (1995), Heidelberg (1996), Bergen (1997), Aarhus-Sandbjerg (1998) and Uppsala (1999).
Since 1991, he has been Member of the Steering Committee of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations.

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