Public Evening (in German): The Future of Energy: New Approaches and Visions

Monday, 9. October 2006 | 20:00 Uhr



The Future of Energy: New Approaches and Visions

The Public Evening of Academia Engelberg is traditionally opened by Martha Bächler, Talammann of Engelberg and member of the managing council of the Academia Engelberg Foundation. Vice-president Dr. Dominik Galliker introduced the input speaker Eduard Kiener to the numerous members of the public from Central Switzerland with some well-chosen words. Dr. Eduard Kiener, former Director of the Federal Department for Energy, issued an urgent warning that we are living from limited resources and wasting the energy of the future generation“. Around 200 people from Central Switzerland took part in the Public Evening of Academia Engelberg. The themes addressed were sustainability, energy needs and also the question of what we can all contribute ourselves towards solving the problems. Helen Leumann, Member of the Upper Chamber and President of CKW Lucerne, Dieter Imboden, President of the Swiss National Science Foundation, Kurt Spillmann ETH Zurich and Ernst von Weizsäcker, DBSESM/UCSB engaged in discussions with the lively participation of the public.


Welcome Address:
Talammann Martha Bächler

Eduard Kiener, ehem. Direktor des Bundesamtes für Energie, Bern

Ellinor von Kauffungen, Journalistin

Helen Leumann, Ständerätin und Präsidentin CKW Luzern
Professor Dieter Imboden, Präsident des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds
Professor Kurt Spillmann, ehem. Leiter Forschungsstelle für Konfliktforschung und Sicherheitspolitik
ETH Zürich, und Ernst von Weizsäcker, ehemaliges Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages und engagierter Wissenschafter für eine nachhaltige Umweltpolitik

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